Adelaide Hills Retaining Wall specialist. Let’s Use Your Sloping Yard To Your Advantage.


Most blocks of land these days have some sort of slop. And yes. If you live in the Adelaide Hills and need a retaining wall build there’s a very strong chance you have a sdloping yard. And I’m sure you can see that, Well, Its going to be a challenge. A challenge that can turn out to be a stunning landscaping yard. So the big question is how can we overcome these landscaping issues and turn your landscaping area into one of South Australia’s Beautiful sloping yards.

Things you will need  get a retaining wall builder to assess, or what we like to call it the challenge.


  1. The angle of the slope
  2. Access to the area
  3. Correctly planning ahead
  4. Most likely planning to build a retaining wall and what type will best suite the area.

When accessing the challenge, what you wouldn’t want to do is leave the slope as is. Yes it will require some work and planning but leaving it as is really not an option in my mind. There’s so much that can be done to make use of that slope. It will need some excavation and most likely a retaining wall but if done right can turn into a stunning adelaide Hills property.

Why you don’t want to leave the slope as is?


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Well the first thing is you won’t really be able to do much with it as it is. Your access will be limited and if you have a family it won’t be much fun.

By getting in a Adelaide Hills retaining wall builder to do a little planning. You could turn each area into a masterpiece. By adding different layers or sections with a variety of retaining walls things could look amazing.




Accessing The Slope Of Your Adelaide Hills Property


Whatever the direction of the slope. What you’re really after is the creation of flat space around the house giving you more living area. This will obvously be done with some sort of stunning looking retaining wall. Depending on the slope will depend on the size of retaining wall you will get built. Are you after just extra lawn or do you want to create a patio or even a deck. There’s a number of factors to consider.

With any yard that needs to be recreated, planning is the key. And this is where a good landscaper or retaining wall builder will come into play. Your retaining wall builder will have the skills and knowledge to structure the yard to your needs and what will best suite the yard.

There’s a number of things you can do with a sloping yard.


If you’re  going to tackle your garden alone I highly recommend doing your research and planning, well. When it comes to to maximize the area. This where I recommend getting in a retaining wall builder. Especially if you’re in the Adelaide hills or southern Adelaide area where the slopes can be pretty steep. This is something you don’t want to stuff up.  You want to make sure It’s done right the first time. A well planned out and solid retaining wall can last for ever. A home job retaining wall with the incorrect drainage and planning can lead to disaster. Please don’t make that mistake it will only cost you more in the long run. And If you don’t get proper approval this can be costly in the long run if you choose to sell the house and the new owners are left with the mess. Not recommended at all. Take my advice. The amount of repair jobs we go to where it’s been a home job just amazes me. It’s just like anything really. You want a good job done you get in the experts.


Building Your Adelaide Hills Retaining Wall.


Let’s look at what are the best types of retaining walls for a sloping yard. In some cases you might even want to consider a terraced look and add different types of styles of retaining wall to add more interest to the eye.


Different types of retaining walls. What are my options?


When it come to the types of retaining wall. There are a few things to consider. One of those things is the type of wall to build. You have

  • Timber retaining walls
  • Concrete and concrete sleeper retaining wall
  • Brick retaining walls
  • A variety of stone retaining walls
  • Gabion retaining walls.

Gabion retaining walls are a little different they are built using stones within a cage. They can be very effective but are not suited to all areas. And if you want the WOW factor I think there are better options instead of Gabion retaining walls

The choice of retaining wall materials are plenty and will play a major part in your planning. And getting someone professional to do the job will also make all the difference. We at Quality retaining walls Adelaide can help when it comes to building quality retaining walls In the Adelaide Hills area.  And we are the master of slopes. Get In touch and we can help make your slope turn into something very special.