The benefits of building a sandstone retaining wall in adelaide.

You’re looking to build a retaining wall for your property and not really sure on the style or look you’re after. You have a number of thoughts and options but you’re just unsure on what type of retaining wall to build. Well in today’s article I’m going to look at the sandstone retaining wall.

Sandstone retaining walls look great, especially in and around South Australia. They are a very practical, durable and stylish option for your home. Very much like the bluestone wall. Often it’s a toss-up between the two. And at the end of the day, it just comes down to the look your after. As the price is around the same for both materials.

They are both visually appealing walls to have in your garden, especially in your front garden. And they’re an excellent option for a feature style retaining wall. Not the best for a structural type retaining wall. We have other materials for that style of wall that will do the job better for a structural design wall.


If you have read my article on the bluestone retaining wall I’m going to go down a similar path as they are very much alike.


If your building a house or have a sandstone style house, well a sandstone retaining wall is the most logical option to go for. To have a feature retaining wall out the front blends in very well with a sandstone home and with a garden or green lawn in between the two makes the wall stand out even more.


Types Of Sandstone Materials


Again you have a few options here. You can go for the block type wall. Pretty straight forward to construct. And can be the most cost-effective option. They look great as a feature wall anywhere within your garden.

Then you can go for the actual sandstone wall. This is a bit more involved but the finish is something else. You have a retaining wall that is pretty much unique to your property only. The cost, of course, is higher as there’s a bit of labour involved. It will take a little more time to construct. And if you have a smooth finished wall, that again involves more effort. But as I said you get an amazing retaining wall that will last the test of time. As well as being a real feature to your home. These types of walls really do look amazing.

You also have the option to go for a large block-style retaining wall. These sandstone blocks need machinery to move as they are too heavy to lift. These are another option to look at. The only real preparation needed is the foundation of the wall. And once they are in place they are there to stay. There’s no moving those blocks. Then you can build your garden around the block and do as you wish.


Costs Of A Sandstone Retaining Wall.


As I’ve described above you’ve got a few sandstone options. Having said that, that also means they are all going to all have different costs involved. With the use of machinery, the costs will be more whereas the small block walls are pretty straightforward, hence the popularity of that style. So being able to give you a cost per style of wall is going to be challenging. Also, you need to take into consideration the area where the walls will be built. Some areas might be nice and flat whereas others might need levelling. The best option we recommend is to get a free quote on-site. This way we can get a good idea as to what your costs will be. We can also talk to you about what you’re looking to achieve as well and give you our professional thoughts on what might best work for your property.


I have to say the sandstone retaining wall is probably my favourite. Especially for the Adelaide area.


Remember. Retaining walls, as well as landscaping, is what we do best. If your after a free on-site quote for a sandstone wall or any other retaining wall for that matter please get in touch.