Building Quality Retaining Walls In Adelaide

We are a professional landscaping company that specialises in building quality and affordable retaining walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Council Approval. Do I need it to build my retaining wall?


Generally yes you do. It does depend on the hight. If the wall is greater than 1 meter high then yes you do. But it’s important to first check with your local council as there can be variations.


Do I need to organise an engineer’s design for my retaining wall. If yes can you arrange this for me?


Every building project submitted needs an engineer’s design. And yes of course. We can organise the design process. We have a team that we work with closely with us to achieve this.


The building application? Can this also be organised?


Yes we can help. We will organise an engineering associate to sort out the design and relevant forms for the application. Although it will be up to you as the owner of the property to submit the application.



Can I build a retaining wall over an easement within my properties grounds?


Simple answer. No you cannot. If you want to know more about Adelaide’s retaining walls requirements. Here is a link to the councils regulations


How much will my retaining wall cost?


That’s a tough one as it does depend on a number of factors. The size of the wall. The material. Soil conditions. Land variations. We can get a much better idea through pricing your wall after a site inspection. That’s out preferred method. Please either contact us by phone or by submitting a form request.