Building A Retaining Wall Around A Swimming Pool


Whether you building a house and looking to put in a pool in. Or you’ve bought an existing house with a pool or room to put a pool.

At some point, you might need to look at your option with building a retaining wall around your pool Or even replace an existing retaining wall. If you live in the Adelaide Hills and your building, There’s a good chance a slope will be involved. So their-fore you’re probably going to need to incorporate designing a retaining wall around a pool if that’s your intention. So in this article, I’d like to talk about building a retaining wall pool into your pool or landscape design, what’s involved and the types of retaining walls that will best work.


 Below we’ll cover the following


  • Types and styles of retaining walls around pools
  • Retaining wall costs and prices
  • Basic retaining wall construction around pools.


Styles Of Retaining Walls Used Around Pools In South Australia?


When it comes to building a retaining wall around a pool area there are two types of main styles of retaining walls. Both have their own method of construction. Masonry retaining walls are built out of concrete either by pouring or block concrete and are faced with stone.

Segmental retaining walls are built by dry stacking pre-cast concrete block together. Segmental retaining walls seem to be the most popular for a couple of reasons. These include they are budget friendly and are very attractive to the eye than masonry. Although the visual factor can be a personal choice.

adelaide retaining wall swimming pools

How Much Does A Retaining Wall In Adelaide Cost For Around A Pool?


As you can expect this can be a broad question with a number of answers considering there are so many variations. Building a retaining wall in the Adelaide area or anywhere for that matter is usually priced by measurements. So the length and height can determine the price alone.

The cost of different retaining wall material will also be a factor. As there are different sizes of blocks and or colours, these all come into consideration. Also, the style and size of the pool as you would expect will become a factor also. So as you can see you have a few options to think about when it comes to building a retaining wall around a pool.


So being able to answer the question of how much does a retaining wall cost. As you would expect can be a big challenge without seeing the area in question. And of course, there are certain requirements when it comes to building retaining walls around pools if you require any more info you can check out this article and this article

To get a better idea as to what you can achieve with the space you have I’d consider getting in contact with a retaining wall builder in the Adelaide area. Someone like us.

Adelaide retaining walls. That’s what we do. We are the people to talk to about your next pool retaining wall. We can come to your property access your area in question and give you a no-obligation on-site design consultation.