Building Quality Retaining Walls In Adelaide

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Types Of Retaining Walls.



Because we build quality Adelaide retaining walls, we want to make sure we can offer a wide range of different types of retaining walls. Doing this allows you to have a better choice, as we all have different styles we like. And depending on the job needed, you might be better off with a certain type of wall over another, for structure reasons. So if we can cover all types of retaining walls we then can meet your overall needs for not only yourself but your property’s look as well.

Weather it’s a small or large retaining wall you need build we have you covered. Or maybe you have an existing retaining walls that needs some repair work needed.  Whatever it may be were here to help.

Below is a breakdown of the different types of retaining walls we can build for you. This should give you a few ideas to start with just to see what may work for your property. But the reality is, you already know what you want. Which is great for us.

Bluestone retaining walls

Bluestone is a great option for adding colour and a dash of visual elegance to your garden area. Bluestone is an attractive stone because it’s quite a hard and can withstand strong weather conditions. Bluestone retaining walls are a popular choice with many because they provide adequate draining of any access moisture, hence being able to handle strong conditions.

Bluestone works well with for higher retaining walls with less space between the rocks as well as smaller walls with a nice tight fit that will look amazing when completed.

bluestone retaining wall
Timber Retaining Walls

Timber sleeper retaining walls are a great cost effective solution for your landscaping needs. They are a great wall solution as they can retain all types of soils up to 4 meters in high. Sleeper retaining walls are a very strong and slim fitting wall. These types of retaining walls can have a life expectancy of 15 plus years. Which makes them a very cost effective solution.

At Quality Retaining Walls Adelaide we can assure you we only use the best possible sleepers available. Our sleeper retaining walls are designed in a way that allows proper draining and footings giving you a quality wall that offers you a long term solution for your needs.

Concrete sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete sleeper retaining walls or are very appealing on the eye, durable and a strong retaining wall option. The concrete is precasted and is reinforced with steel. Being concrete this allows for a few finishes to suite your style of wall. Bluestone, sandstone, wood grain and smooth faced. Concrete sleepers are a good option for any retaining wall up to 3 meters high.
a concrete retaining wall in the adelaide area

Block Retaining Walls

a besser block retaining wall in adelaide
At Quality Retaining Walls Adelaide we offer a range of different types of block retaining walls with a variety of surfaces, textures and colours to suite the individual need of you and your wall. The way these walls are build does depend on certain variations. Some block are suitable for smaller retaining walls while others are suitable for walls up to 12 meters high. Depending on the size of the wall will also depend on the structure of the base.